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Champagne Duo are able to create just the right ambiance for any occasion.                                
They formed Destiny Duo in 1998 and in 2005 changed the duo name in Champagne Duo.     
Music is an inseparable part of they're lifes. You could say they lives and breathes music.

Champagne Duo has a versatile repertoire list approximately 500 songs, this rich musical repertoire allows them to cover many musical styles in 10 languages that includes: Pop, Evergreen, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Country, Reggae, Latino, Disco, Dance to classical opera pieces and Ballroom music. The song list is updated frequently with top entries, and if a guest requests a song that is not on the repertoire list, within few days they are able to perform it.  

Champagne Duo has been performing in 5 stars hotels and cruise line with many years of international experience.

Professional, international duo, Champagne Duo has flexible and suitable for hotel lounges, hotels bars, pubs, restaurants, cruise lines, private and corporate parties, etc.




Mirela is an expresive singer with strong vocals and stage presence. She has a lovely voice, very well suited to the blend of pop and occazionally light classical, that she and her performing partner offer.

Mirela also is very gracious on stage, moves well and is always dressed in appropriate and eye-catching stage wardrobe. As the "front person" and primary singer of the duo,she is also very capable of keeping things moving by engaging the audience with chat and patter.

Mirela is a highly experienced professional impressived her audience singing classical opera pieces.
Mirela sings very well and fronts the duo is a frendly and embracing style.
Mirela graduated in 1999 Art School College, and she have participated in singing festivals and contests.

Mirela is a versatile singer that can sings in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greek, Korean, Japan, and Romanian. 


Gabriel is a fine duo musician and keyboard player, and like his performing partener and wife Ella he brings an attractive stage presence to the duo. He sing also, vocal, guitar and bass guitar.

Gabriel who handles the technical aspects of the performance, sings and play keys as well.
He began play at the guitar when he was ten. At the age of 18 playing bass guitar, forming his own rock band called “Destin” as well as joining in a lot of concerts. In 1990 he started to play on keyboard, since then he played with many musicians in diverse groups, different styles of music.






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